Hot Doc's  Delivery Service, (HDDS) Inc.  


Business-to-Business delivery
- Escrow and Title companies

- Hotels

- Law Offices

- Doctors Offices

- Others


Types of document
- contracts

- loan documents

- non-perishable and unbreakable parcel

- medium weight durable good


Service Areas

- Southern Orange County

- Los Angeles

- Orange

- San Bernardino

- San Diego

- Riverside


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Hot Docs Delivery Services, Inc. is a Orange County, California-based business -to-business courier and messenger service company whose mission is to become one of the most trusted parcel delivery company in Orange County. The company's strategy is to consolidate its excellent customer and client service by making timely deliveries, hiring the best drivers, and having a competitive pricing structure.   
Hot Docs Delivery Service, Inc. (HDDS) focuses mainly on transporting informational paper packages such as contracts, loan documents, non-perishable, unbreakable parcels and medium weight durable goods throughout companies in the Southern California Area (Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Riverside). To be specific, the company will provide it's services to the following companies: Escrow and Title Companies, Hotels, Law Offices, Doctor's Offices and many other potential companies that use couriers or messengers for short delivery distances, requiring immediate or overnight  "handling over" for most of their their shipments. In the future the company plans to diversify into servicing other industries requiring delivery of large, heavier and more delicate parcles.

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