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Comprehensive Performance Testing for Athletes which includes the following:


V02 max

Aerobic threshold

Anareobic threshold

CO2 resting metabolic

Prescription Exercise Training Zones

Respirator Exchange Ratio

Resting Metabic Rate

Recovery Rate

Substate Utilization


Pulmonary Function

Baseline body fat %

body mass

metabolic panel

cardiopulmonary exam




Our desire is to help athletes of all levels achieve peak fitness in the safest and most effective way possible. We share your passion of achieving lifetime happiness and health by becoming peak fit.  


Comprehensive fitness evaluation for athletes

Provides athletic performance evaluation for all athletes.

Train to your peak fitness level by objectively measuring key components of your health.

Invest in your health; the most important and modifiable piece of equipment.  

Physical Exam

A thorough history and physical exam should precede any high level training.
It is critical to identify conditions that may decrease your fitness or derail your training. Blood Pressure, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Circulatory.

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